Volunteering is a good way to spend some of your time. I know you are busy. Everyone is busy and over committed these days. But I have found that volunteering is really rewarding to your soul. There are thousands of volunteer opportunities out there. Some opportunities are ongoing and other are one tie only events. There are opportunities ranging from meal deliveries to seniors to helping stuff envelopes to dog walking to working an informational booth at a fair, helping someone do their taxes, teaching someone to sail, reading books aloud, and so on.

The list of volunteer opportunities is varied there is always a need no matter what your interest or skills are, you have something to offer the community. Maybe you can only spend 1 day per year helping to create or maintain a biking trail or helping at a food bank. Or maybe you can spend 1 night per month helping take tickets at your local arts house or perhaps you can visit a local senior center and play the piano once a week.

Volunteer in Costa Rica

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