How I treat and control my Psoriasis

Fourteen years ago I started noticing a small dry spot on my right leg that did not go away with cream. After a couple of months and while visiting my doctor for an annual check, I asked her what she thought of the dry spot that refuses to go away. She checked it and said that she believed it was a fungal infection of the skin. She advised me to use a Hydrocortisone cream to treat the dry spot.

Fast forward a year later and the dry spot have increased in size. At that time I have moved to another area so I decided to go directly to a specialist of the skin (a dermatologist) to find out how to cure the dry skin spot.

Once at the dermatologist, I showed him the dry skin spot on my right leg and explained that I tried to treat it from time to time with a Hydrocortisone cream but it have gotten bigger with time.

The doctor asked me to show him my other leg. He checked my left leg in the same location that the dry spot is located on my right leg. There he made me observe that my left leg does also have a similar dry spot in the same location except that its less obvious. He immediately diagnosed me with having Psoriasis. He said he is sure of that because with Psoriasis there is mirror image between the left and right side of the impacted areas in the body. So if you have a spot on one our your elbows for example, you will have a similar dry spot in the same location on your other elbow.

What causes Psoriasis? up to this day, they don’t exactly know from all that I read. They know that White blood T cells are attacking these areas of the skin as if they are fighting an invader/infection (you can read more about that at webmd). My doctor explained to me that the white flakey dry skin that I have is because the amount of skin being produced in these areas within 24 hours is what would normally be produced during 30 days (talk about overachievers).

I imagine like anyone being diagnosed with this autoimmune disease I researched it as much as I can looking to understand it and find a solution. I of course tried many medicines prescribed by my doctor including ultraviolet light B UVB (Phototherapy) for almost a year, Clobex, Olux, Taclonex, Tamsulosin, and others. For me they worked for some time and then things stopped improving. Its almost that I had to keep switching from one treatment to the other to keep my Psoriasis guessing but it catches up with me eventually.

What worried me the most is that with each medicine there were these scary side effects that I was possibly introducing to my body. My doctor was honest in saying that what he was prescribing were not a cure but a way to minimize and control the condition. Everyone has the possibility of having this autoimmune disease triggered in there body for one reason or another (sometimes its triggered by a dramatic event or an allergy) but once its active, its extremely hard if not impossible for most people to reverse it.

Being tired and afraid of trying all of these medications, I started looking for alternatives that do not sound like snake oil. Since I noticed that for me when I was going to the hospital for my Phototherapy treatment, my Psoriasis was under control and less bothersome. That’s when I started looking into Vitamin D3. I started first by using a Vitamin D3 Cream.


I used it for a number of months applying it to my psoriasis spots (legs, elbows, and few spots on my back). I saw an improvement and I was happy with the progress. I was at least not ingesting pills with scary side effects.

Few month later I started thinking of of actually trying Vitamin D3 as an oral dosage and what would happen. I of course did my own research regarding side effects of ingesting Vitamin D3 and in my research I did not see anything that was scary (even with research you really can never be sure). I did not mind increasing my vitamin D3 levels in my body since anyway I live in an area where there are a lot of people with Vitamin D deficiency due to lack of enough sunny days. I found a sublingual Vitamin D3 spray and once I started using it my Psoriasis on my elbows and my back disappeared. What is left now of my Psoriasis is where it started (on my right leg only) but the spot on my leg is much smaller than before.

I have been using Vitamin D3 spray for many years now and really happy that I have my life back and able to live without needing to itch and without thinking of my Psoriasis since its too small to worry about or feel anymore.

I hope someone else finds what I shared useful for their condition.

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