How To Cool Down During Summer Heat

Say you live somewhere where the temperatures are rarely high and therefore you do not see the need to install an air condition that you will stow away for the majority of the year. Then what can you do to cool down during hot summer days and nights?

Here I am sharing with you what I personally do:

  1. Open all windows and sliding doors at night so your home gets to cool down and refreshes the stagnant air inside. Make sure that those open windows and sliding door are not easy enough for a intruder. Statistics have shown that home theft increases during summer due the fact that thieves have a better opportunity finding an open entrance to many houses.
  2. Use window and sliding doors solid thick curtains to block the sun during the day. Through trial, I found out that windows that get most direct sunlight that are blocked with blinds or curtains can actually contribute in trapping the heat. For those windows, I leave a small opening before I close the blinds in order for the heat to find a way to escape outside instead of accumulating inside.
  3. Of course you have a fan if not more than one. To get your fan to blow slightly cooler but defiantly refreshing air have in front of it ice. How? you say:
    • Fill plastic sandwich bags with water and stick them in the freezer until they are frozen solid.
    • Use a cooking pan to catch water from melting ice
    • Remove frozen ice from one of the plastic sandwich bags and place it in a food fine mesh strainer.
    • Place the strainer on top of a tall drinking glass inside the pan (in my case, the drinking glass makes the ice high enough to face the fan) and tilt the strainer to face the fan. I usually secure the handle of the strainer to the cooking pan using elastic rubber so the strainer stays titled and facing the fan.
    • Sit in a place facing the direction of the slightly cooler and much pleasant air coming from the fan after it got cooled down by the ice. Ahhhhh!
  4. Go to a movie theater to enjoy a show and their air conditioned environment
  5. Visit a mall or a bookstore to cool down
  6. Hop in your car to a destination near a water body and remember to enjoy your car’s air condition on this trip
  7. Check your local town’s cooling centers. Many cities and towns make available cooling centers especially for very hot summer days. They are usually located in community centers and public libraries.
  8. Take cold showers
  9. On unbearable summer days, I would take one of my t-shirts, wet it with water, and stick it in the freezer. After 20 minutes, I would take it out and wear it. It feels very good and refreshing.
  10. Drink enough cold water
  11. Eat a popsicle.

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