How to protect your handbag and purse when you fly. Another use for a reusable bag

I have flown a lot this year and on the last flight, it finally dawned on me how to keep my handbag clean while flying.

Handbags are expensive and when you spend a lot of money on your bag you want to keep it clean and in good condition for as long as possible. When flying, if you want to use a nice bag on your trip you have to stow it in your suitcase, place it in an overhead bin where it may be crushed by another passenger’s heavy suitcase or you can place it under the seat in front of you where it may get dirty (planes these days seem to be very dirty but that is a whole other topic).

I did not have room in my suitcase for my handbag and needed to carry it on the plane. The overhead bins were all full and the plane was so dirty that I could not imagine placing my bag on the floor. I took my seat and started rummaging through my bag while it was on my lap for some gum I noticed that I had a rolled-up reusable nylon/polyester grocery bag with me. At that moment, the light bulb went on and got me thinking, I could place my handbag inside of the reusable grocery bag and place it under the seat…any dirt that may end up on the reusable grocery bag would not matter because it is machine washable.

I unrolled my reusable bag and slid my handbag in. It fit perfectly and I was able to tie the handles together to keep the handbag secure. It was perfect! My handbag was protected and I tossed the reusable bag in the wash when I got home.

I personally love Envirosax bags, they are lightweight, machine washable and roll up to almost nothing. I like to stash them in my purse, car and coat pockets.

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