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Let’s talk about outfitting your kitchen and dining room. Remember less is more. You do not need 5 sets of china to be happy. Have a set that you love and use it daily. What good is a set of china or silverware or crystal if you never use it? I advocate using the best everyday….don’t save it for a special occasion…the occasion is now…celebrate everyday. I also advise using cloth napkins for several reasons. First they are an easy way to change the look and feel of your place settings. Second, they are environmentally friendly and Third they feel like a luxury…Cloth napkins can last years… I have a linen set that belonged to my great grandmother that I still use regularly. Using your favorite place settings makes any meal feel special.

Many of us have more gadgets and cooking gear than we need in our kitchens. Think about it…How many gadgets do have hidden away in a cupboard or sitting on the counter that you have used once or twice since you acquired it? Do you really need everything gadget that comes on the market? Most chefs will tell you “no”. What you really need are a few high quality knives and a few quality pots & pans. I would recommend that you buy individual pieces that suit you needs rather than entire sets that may contain pieces that you will never use. Think about it how many knives do you use? Pots & pans? If you are like most people, you only use a few.

Buy the best quality and only what you need. Quality knives and pans will last a long, long time. Next time you think you need to latest gadget, remember the ice cream maker that you used once or the bread maker that is taking up valuable counter space…. Not having to dig through a mountain of unused gadgets to locate a sauce pan is very freeing….it may even inspire you to cook more often. Surrounding yourself with things you love and things that you use is living rich. Think quality not quantity. Always buy the best…you won’t regret it.

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