Travel and Getting There

First you have to get there. Frequent flier and reward programs are good ways to reduce travel costs. Many credit cards have travel reward programs that are linked to frequent flier programs. Make sure that your credit card is rewarding you. I have a credit card that gives me points that I can redeem for free hotel stays or frequent flier miles. I have used frequent flier mile to fly across the country.

Train travel can be a relaxing alternative to flying. Amtrak often runs specials on the fares even at full price, often rail fare can be quite reasonable. Sometimes the journey can be as interesting as the destination. Travel by train takes longer than by plane but you get to see some beautiful scenery along the way.

Traveling closer to home can often provide as much adventure as a trip across the country. Think about it, there are probably people traveling to your home town to visit and sightsee right now. Go explore your “backyard”. Challenge your self to research an area nearby and then go visit for a day or two. You can call it your “adventures on one tank”. Meaning that you can travel to your destination and back on 1 tank of gas. You won’t incur any lodging expense if you close enough to make it home at the end of the day. Just think about how much fun you can have exploring nearby neighborhoods and towns. You might just discover the best blueberry pie in the state or witness the most spectacular sunset ever.

I like to take at least one “adventure on one tank” each month. I have always been amazed at the splendors that are just around the corner. When I lived in northern California, it was endless beaches, the wine country, redwood trees, cable cars, the gold country, ghost towns, and so on, In Oregon, it was magnificent mountains, rocky beaches, fresh berries, and cheese, In Washington, acres of rainbow colored tulips, flying salmon, the space needle, snow capped mountains, apples, wine and more. Every place has so much to offer if you just look.

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