Clothing and Appearance

Think you need a ton of money to look great? Well if you do, think again. You really do not need an overflowing closet full of the latest trends to dress well. You will get much more mileage from classic well constructed pieces. Think about people you consider well dressed. Chances are they do not have a closet full of trendy pieces. They probably have a handful of classic pieces that they accent with a few updated items each season. When you think about clothes think about cost per wear.

For example, the coat that you paid $300 for and have worn everyday for the last two winters has a cost per wear of about $1 compare this to the $25 you spent for a shirt that you wore just once before it went out of style. Imagine opening the closet and having many options with just a few pieces compared to opening your overflowing closet and not having anything to wear because most of the items are out of style or do not mix with the other items in your wardrobe. Being able to get dressed and effortlessly look pulled to together each day is a luxury that is within your reach.

First you need to establish a wardrobe plan. To do this, think about your lifestyle. If you are a stay at home mom, you probably do not need a closet full of suits and cocktail dresses. If you are a corporate executive, you probably need more suits & ties than you do jeans and tee shirts.

Check the wardrobe plans for a few suggestions to get you started. If you still need help, you might want to consult a personal shopper. Many department stores offer personal shopping services at no cost.

Next, you should purge the items in your closet. Get rid of anything that does not fit or is out of style or that you have not worn in the last 12 months. You can donate or sell your unwanted items.

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