Women’s Undergarments

Undergarments, also known as bras, panties, underware, foundations and so on are the most important part of your wardrobe. If you are wearing the wrong bra or panties, no matter what you wear, you won’t look your best.

Think about it… You meet a nicely dressed woman at a business mixer. When she turns around she has VSP (visable panty lines)… this just ruined her whole look. She went from looking polished and pulled together to looking like she is wearing ill fitted clothing and not quite pulled together. Another woman at the same mixer is wearing a bra that is not giving her any support.  She is wearing a beautiful cashmere sweater, unfortunately the saggy worn out bra makes her look sloppy and older than she really is.

Buy the best well fitted undergarments that you can. They are the foundation for everything else.

I strongly recommend that you buy flesh colored (as close to your skin tone as you can find) bras for the majority of your bra wardrobe. The reason being is that they won’t show thru most clothing (remember that white bras under a white shirt show but a nude bra under a white shirt blends in).

You should have several bras in various styles to wear with different outfits. In other words, you don’t wear a little racy lacey number under a form-fitting tee shirt. Also, keep in mind that bras do not last forever. You wil probably want to replace your bras every 6 months - 1 year as the elastic starts to wear out.  You should be professionally fitted for a bra periodically. Our bodies change over time and what fit 2 years ago may not be the correct fit today (even if you still weigh the same).

When you find a style panty that you like buy as many as you can. You will want at 10+ pairs of panties in your wardrobe. Make sure that you do not have a visable panty line. If you have a VSP, try wearing a thong or panties with legs (sometimes called slimmers) or you can try wearing pantyhose or Spanx under your pants instead of underwear.

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