Live Performances: Theater, Ballet, Opera, Plays

Live performances live theater, opera, ballet, musicals are fun to attend. I am of the belief that these events are only enjoyable live…ever watch a video of the opera or ballet? It just isn’t the same… You can often catch the big name shows for less some offer matinees or pre-opening shows at a discount. Also, some cities have a half price ticket center that sell tickets for same day shows for much less. Stub Hub, RazorGator or Ticketsnow are good ways to pick up tickets for less or tickets to a sold out must see show.

Stub Hub



Local productions can be very affordable you might be nicely surprised the quality of some of the local productions. Some local productions are pretty neat to experience like summertime productions Shakespeare in the park. I have known some people who enjoy volunteering at local venues. Often they fill roles like ticket takers or ushers (helping people find their seats) in exchange, they get to see the productions for free.

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