Travel and Sightseeing

Taking in the local sights and scenery…entertain me! The good news is that many of the local sights are free or have a low admission fee. Often in the summertime, in many areas, you can catch a free concert in the park. Art galleries and museums are an enriching source of entertainment. Many museums do not charge a fee to visit but as that you make a donation if you can. Others often offer free admission one day per month. Many of the places you wish to visit may offer an AAA discount; it is always a good idea to ask about discounts in advance. I always pick up the local paper or guide when I arrive in a new place. Often I discover many free events that are going to be held during my visit. I still have fond memories of the fire water display in Providence, Rhode Island.

As I think about many of the attractions in my own town, most of them do not cost much if anything to visit. An inexpensive itinerary in Seattle would involve spend half the day wandering through the various levels of the Pike Place Market stopping to marvel at the flying fish, followed by a ferry ride across the sound and back hoping to spot an orca but enjoying the breath taking scenery of the sparkling city, green islands, snow capped mountains and deep blue water.

The next day would include a visit to the Center for Wooden Boats a working boat museum on lake union (no charge for admission) and an afternoon exploring the beautiful historic buildings in Pioneer Square. If I plan my trip accordingly, I am able to visit the local art museum on the day there is no admission fee. Then I might conclude my trip with a ride on the monorail and a ride up to the top of the space needle. The cost for the ferry, monorail and space needle would be about $30. Not bad for 3 days worth of entertainment.

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