Live Sporting Events

I live in a city where we have live sporting events happening year round. Watching live sporting events has never really been my thing. I’m one of those fans who likes to watch when our local teams are part of the super bowl or World Series, etc. However, I have gone to games over the years and do enjoying them when I am there.

Most people think it is very expensive to attend live sporting events and while it can be it doesn’t have to be. The local baseball stadium has a few seats that go for less than $10 each. If you can avoid the overpriced stadium concessions, it really can be affordable to attend. Also, I don’t drive when I go to live sporting events, I find the parking to be very expensive and the traffic is a nightmare. I find it to be much easier to walk, hop on a bus or to take a taxi.

If you can’t score tickets or your favorite teams are too far away to see in person, you can catch most games on TV. I have a friend you started a Monday night football group. My friend has a huge big screen TV, so they always host the event; everyone who attends brings a dish or drinks to share. It is a fun way to watch the games. Of course I always have to root for the team that nobody else is rooting for…

If spectator sports aren’t your thing, maybe you are more of a hands on participant. Some sports are more expensive than others. But there are ways to keep the costs in line.

I have a few words of advice. First, try various sports and discover what you like doing. Second do not buy lots of expensive equipment until you decide whether or not you like the sport.

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