How to stop unwanted telemarketing calls

I was really shocked the other day when I received a telemarketing call on my cell phone! I immediately added my cell phone number as well as my home phone number to the federal do not call list.

If you would like to reduce the number of unwanted marketing calls, you can register your phone numbers. It is free and easy to register. Just go to

There are a few things you should know about the do not call registry.

1) Although it will stop most telemarketing calls, it won’t stop all marketing calls.
2) Political organizations, charities and telephone surveyors are exempt from the do not call list.
3) Companies that you have a relationship with or have provided an express agreement with are exempt from the list. However, if you specifically ask the companies you do business with not to call you, they must abide by your request and not call you.
4) A relationship is created with a company when you submit an application or make an inquiry. The business can contact you for three months after the initial application or inquiry.
5) If you purchase something from a company, you create a relationship. That company can contact you for up to 18 months from you last purchase, delivery or payment. That is of course unless you ask them not to call you.

If a company calls you after you request that they do not call you, they can be subject to a fine of up to $11,000. You can report violations on-line at

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