Personalized Note Cards, Stationery and Postage Stamps

A good friend of mine is really clever and creative. One of the fun gifts that she has given me is a set of personalized note cards. The cards she made for me are really cute. They have an adorable graphic (she used several related to the hobbies that I like) and my name at the top of each card. I use the cards regularly to jot down notes to my friends and family and even to make my grocery lists. I remember her each time I use one of the note cards.

Having personalized stationery used to be reserved for the wealthy since it was expensive to purchase. But nowadays, you can create your own using your computer or even order a set online from places like or Having personalized note cards and stationery can make a statement and sets you apart from everyone else.

If you want to create and print personalized note cards at home, you can check out websites like they have templates and the cards stock for printing. Or, if you have Microsoft Word, check out the templates for note cards and stationery. If you use the templates from Microsoft Word, you will need to get card stock or nice paper to print your stationery on. HP and most stationery/office supply stores like Office Depot sell a variety of supplies.

While you are at it, why not create your own postage at It is really a cool idea. You can have your own photos turned into postage stamps. I just received a baby announcement. The new parents had a photo of the baby turned into the postage stamp that they used to mail the announcement. It was so cute and so much more fun than a regular postage stamp.

Turn your photos in real US postage with PhotoStamps. They’re perfect for every occasion!

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