Travel and Dining

Now that you have a place to rest during your stay where do you eat? One of the best ways to discover the best food for the best prices in a new town is to ask a local where to eat. They will often send you too the locals place… a place with great food and reasonable prices.

I love to eat and enjoy grazing my way around a new place. Once I’ve found a cup of coffee, I will often start my day at a local bakery or local farmers market. I am happy starting my day with fresh fruit or a pastry. I’ll usually check out a local paper or guide for tips on the best places to eat in town.

Going to an expensive restaurant for lunch rather than dinner allows you to enjoy the same experience for less. You will still get to sample the dining delights and enjoy the same service that you would have at dinner for about half the cost.

For dinner, if I am in a smaller town, I will often go to the local grocery and buy a few local treats to enjoy. In cities, many restaurants offer some great deals on food during happy hour. This is one of my favorite ways to sample what a restaurant has to offer at a small cost.

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