Biking is fun. Once you purchase a bike, the cost to participate in minimal. The occasional flat tier and bike tune up are generally the biggest costs after buying the bike. There are many different types of bikes. I would suggest that you rent or borrow different types of bike to discover what you like. A bike shop can help you with the correct fit.

Some people like riding on mountain trails on mountain bikes other long distance cycling or racing on road bikes, others like doing tricks on bmx style bikes or casual rides on touring style bikes or beach cruisers. You can even buy folding bikes. Bikes vary widely in price. Generally the lighter the bike the more it costs. If you find you are passionate about racing mountain bikes, you will probably want to find a very strong bike that can stand up to lots of abuse. If you taste in riding leans more to a casual ride in park or across town, you have more options.

Your local bike shop can help you pick out the best bike to suit your needs. There are many new and used options out there. One word of advice about buying a used bike is to have a mechanic check it out to determine whether or not you can still get parts for it. I have an older mountain bike and have found that a lot of the parts on it are now obsolete.

This is not to say that you can’t get a good deal on a used bike it is just something to keep in mind. You should invest in a good lock for your bike. Bikes are easy targets for thieves. Bike clothes and shoes. You should always were a bike helmet when you ride other specialized clothing is optional although padded shorts sure make riding more comfortable.

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