Snow sports

Snow sports like golf can be expensive. Lift tickets can cost $50 per day. If you like do ski or snow board on a regular basis, you should look into purchasing an annual pass. Passes are generally sold in the fall before the ski resorts open for the winter season. The prices generally increase as the season nears so purchase early to get the best deal on season tickets.

If you like to ski at different places all of the time, ask if they offer any type of reciprocal deals with other resorts. You should check with the resorts you plan to visit and see if they offer any deals like mid week rates, multi day passes, etc. There are deals out there.

Now if you are passionate about skiing/snow boarding and want to share your passion with others, you might check into working or volunteering at your local ski resort. Many resorts offer free passes if you teach classes or join the ski patrol. Again, do not invest in equipment until you are certain that you like the sport. You can rent skis, boots, snow boards, poles, etc from your local sporting goods store or at the resort.

In fact, if you take lessons, may resorts include the equipment rental in the cost of the lessons. Once you decide that you are ready for your own equipment, you might want to consider buying new equipment at the end of the season. I’ve seen end of season prices up to 70% off. Or buying previously used equipment at a swap or online from sites like eBay or Overstock.

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